Connecting Pipedrive to Albato

Connecting Pipedrive  to Albato
3 min. read

Firstly connect Pipedrive to Albato to use the service in your business automations. Open the «Apps» page and click the «Add a connection» button.

Then select the «CRM system» category or use the search box to find the service.

Select Pipedrive and click the «Add a connection» button.

Now create a name for the connection to avoid confusion using the service, for example, if you use different Pipedrive accounts.

Then take the API key from the service. Don’t close Albato settings page, and open your Pipedrive account in a new tab.

Click the profile icon and select «Personal settings»:

Open the API tab and copy the key:

Paste the value into Albato settings and save the connection.

If all steps are correct, you will see the following result:

The Pipedrive connection is ready!