How to use Automation delay (date and time) tool

Albato: Automation delay tool
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The Automation delay tool is designed to pause automations until a specified date and time, so the automation will resume operation at the specified date and time.

This tool can be used:

  • to send notifications to users at specific times of day (in the morning or evening, without relying on deal flow in your pipeline);
  • to send a daily message to a manager containing all successful orders;
  • send orders received over the weekend to CRM on Monday morning.

This tool can be added to any step of an automation, i.e. two or three steps can complete before the delay begins.

AD 1.png

Tool setup example

Take the date from the Albato system parameters.

Add any time you need, according to the example.

AD 2.png

The automation will look like this:

AD 3.png

Here's an example of an automation that create new contacts daily at 20:01:55 PM with information about new leads.

Let's look at the Automation log.

The contacts from Webhook were received at 6:39 PM, but the Create new contact step did not trigger until the delay was executed.

AD 4.png