How to use Aggregator tool

Albato: Aggregator tool
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The Aggregator tool combines separate elements into an array (the Iterator tool performs the opposite operation: it splits the array into elements).

How to use Aggregator tool

For example, there are systems that receive row sections with data — goods in an order, cash register expenses, etc. In the case below, we will consider how the tool works with such data.

Add the tool to the automation.

Ag 1.png

Case: let's say we receive Trello cards and need to pass on only cards with Color=red. The Color parameter is a row section element that can only be retrieved for processing by an Iterator. To collect all cards into an array of objects, we need to use the Aggregator.

For this case, we will need other Albato tools:

Iterator (it will split all row sections into separate arrays with data).

Stop the automation based on a condition (it will send data for Trello cards color=red).

Add all tools to the automation.

Ag 2.png

Let's take a closer look at the configuration of the Aggregator tool step, where we will list all the parameters.

Ag 3 .png

This way, we can avoid errors during the request, and all row sections will be passed from a single array of data.

Configuration of the tool is complete.

Don't forget to save your progress and run the automation!