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Cloudflare - Protects and secures CDNs, DNS, DDoS, websites, APIs and internet applications.


About Cloudflare integrations

Experience seamless integration and automation with Cloudflare on Albato. Effortlessly connect Cloudflare to your favorite apps, enhancing the security and performance of your CDNs, DNS, DDoS, websites, APIs, and internet applications. With available actions like updating DNS records, searching zones and DNS records, editing zones, and creating zones and DNS records, you can automate tasks and streamline your processes. Boost your productivity and efficiency by connecting Cloudflare with Albato.

How to create the Cloudflare integration

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All Available Triggers and Actions...
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All Available Triggers and Actions...
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    Step 1: Connect Cloudflare to Albato

    The authorization process for Cloudflare in Albato is fast and secure. Just a few clicks and your application is connected to Albato.
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    Step 2: Choose one of 500+ applications to integrate with Cloudflare

    Pick the application you want to use as a trigger for automation in Albato. A trigger is an event that initiates your automation.
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    Step 3: Define the application and action after trigger activation

    Specify the application and the action that should take place after the trigger is activated. You can choose any number of actions – from sending a notification to creating a new record in a database.
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    Step 4: Configure the data transfer between applications

    Select the data that will be transferred from one application to another during the integration. You can adjust these parameters to suit your needs. That's it! Now you have more time to work on other important tasks.
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Triggers and actions available for Cloudflare integration
actions 8
Create Zone
Create Zone
Search zone
Search zone
Edit zone
Edit zone
Delete zone
Delete zone

Frequently asked questions

What Cloudflare triggers are available for integration?

Initial event:

What Cloudflare actions are available for integration?

Target actions: Create Zone, Search zone, Edit zone, Delete zone, Create DNS record, Search DNS record, Update DNS record, Delete DNS record

How many apps are available for integration?

18 apps are available for integration with Cloudflare

How is the integration done?

Data transfer from Cloudflare is done via API.

How to activate a plan?

We offer you a 7-day free trial to set up the required integrations and test the platform. Our managers will help you set up your integrations in no time. Once the setup is done, you will be able to understand how many accounts and transactions you need.

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