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Build and automate your own Saas ecosystem

Want to connect more than just a few apps? No problem. Albato helps you solve even the most complex automation problems, allowing you to build ecosystems across dozens of apps and platforms.

Make API integrations a breeze

With Albato, you don’t need to be a developer to connect your apps. All you need is 30 min of your time (and your favorite cup of coffee).

Easily integrate any cloud apps—no matter how complex—with our step-by-step Automation Builder.

Receive 24/7 support

Albato has offices around the world. We offer 24/7 customer support across multiple languages to ensure high-quality support and fast response times. Reach out to us with any questions. We look forward to helping you.

Enjoy simple UI

Albato has a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both experienced developers and non-technical team members. Create flexible scenarios, add new applications to improve your workflows, and make life easier for your whole team. Easily suggest new integrations at any time.

How the interface works

Workflow automation is still a long, expensive and complicated process for many companies. Albato lets you automate any workflow in just 3 steps:

1Create an automation

2Select the origin app

3Select the destination app

Easy peasy!

Use cases

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Facebook Lead Ads and Google Sheets integrations
3 min. read

Facebook Lead Ads and Google Sheets integrations

In this tutorial, you will learn how to send data from Facebook (Ad leads) to Google Sheets (spreadsheets). First, connect services to Albato: Connecting Facebook to Albato Connecting Google Sheets to Albato Create a bundle Second step is to create a bundle: go to My bundles page and click Create a bundle. Then set up …

Share Google Sheets data with other apps
Google Sheets
3 min. read

Share Google Sheets data with other apps

To send Google Sheets data correctly, you need to follow two required parameters: Fill in column A from the first row to the last.  Data transferring is available at sequential rows filling. For example, you have filled row 25, then fill in row 26. If you fill in …

Slack channel notifications for new Leads from Facebook
3 min. read

Slack channel notifications for new Leads from Facebook

Let’s look at creating a «Facebook-Slack» bundle. After it starts, when filling out the lead form, the new lead will be sent to Slack, to the selected channel. You can also set up a similar link with other services, the configuration will be similar. Before setting up a bundle, connect the services to Albato: Connecting …

How to create Pipedrive CRM contact and deal from Facebook Lead Ads
3 min. read

How to create Pipedrive CRM contact and deal from Facebook Lead Ads

In this tutorial we will create a bundle to send data from Facebook Lead Ads to Pipedrive creating Contact and Deal. Make sure Facebook and Pipedrive have already been connected to Albato. Connecting Facebook to Albato. Connecting Pipedrive to Albato. In the top menu open «My Bundles» tab and click «Create a bundle» button. Select …

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