Table lookup tool

Table lookup tool
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Table lookup tool instruction

Albato Table lookup tool allows to replace incoming data from sending service.

Let’s suppose you receive order from store with Paid status. Then you want to update this order status in your CRM. But you cannot send Paid status from online store to CRM system, as it can receive only codes (e.g. 1234). To avoid errors, you need to transform word Paid into a code, i.e, make a table replacement using Albato tool.

We will consider the example with AliExpress and Bitrix24 bundle.
First, we create a bundle that responds to order status changes in AliExpress and automatically change statuses in Bitrix24. Our task is to track the cancellation of orders by customers.

AliExpress order statuses


Bitrix24 funnel stages:

  • NEW
  • 1 — Yandex.Go delivery
  • 2 — Send track number
  • WON
  • LOSE

As you can see, they don’t match. You can easily solve this problem using Table lookup tool.

How to set up

Open the Bundle builder section, click + button between steps and select the tool.

Then set up Table lookup fields.

  1. Name. We create name for new variable. Further in the bundle settings we will use this name.
  2. Value. Select the value from the list to check if the condition is met.
  3. Add a condition. By clicking this button, you add conditions for the tool.
  4. Otherwise. Specify the value that will be transferred if the system failed to find a value corresponding to the condition written above.

Here is what we have done:

  1. Enter the name for new variable (Test).
  2. Select variable from AliExpress directory (Order status)
  3. Set up the condition: «If the data from the Value field is equal to IN_CANCEL , then change this value to LOSE«. IN_CANCEL is a system status that AliExpress sends when an order is cancelled. LOSE is a system value for the status of a lost deal in the funnel in our CRM Bitrix24.
  4. We specified the value to transfer if the system failed to find a value corresponding to the condition. EXECUTING is a system value of the In Progress funnel status in Bitrix24.


Open Connection section to find the system values. Select the service and check the value in the directories. Screenshot shows page with values ​​for Bitrix24.

The tool is set! You can use the value in next steps.

How to use

Let’s use the duplicates processing feature when creating a new deal in Bitrix24. For New deal step to work, which actually updates the status of an existing deal, it is necessary to pass the order ID from AliExpress to the Deal title.

Click Save button. Then set up duplicate processing.

Select Update record if a duplicate if found as a rule and Deal title as a value to search the duplicate.

All fields contains Current value, which means that the field will save the existing data. To update data, we need to specify a new value. Put cursor bar in the Stage field, delete Current Value and select the variable from Albato Table Lookup tool in other values.

Click Save button. Ready! You have learned how to set up table lookup tool in Albato.