Find and replace tool

Find and replace tool
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Albato has the Find and Replace tool that allows you to find values from previous steps of the automation scenario and replace, delete or modify them. This tool works like find and replace feature in Excel.

How to use

Let’s suppose we collect leads for an event from various systems in Google Sheets. One of our forms (e.g.VK) transfer a phone number in a format different from other sources. We need to replace digit 7 with 8 to correct the format. The Find and Replace tool will help us.

Step 1

Open the Automation builder section and add the tool between steps.


Select the tool and click Save button.


Step 2

Where to replace — select the list to search. In our example, we select VK Phone Number.

What to replace enter the value you want to search and replace. It can be text, digits, characters without spaces. In our example we should find and replace 7.

Replace with enter the value that should be after the replacement. If you want to delete values, leave this field empty. For our example we enter 8.

Search mode determines the replacement order if there are multiple matches at once.

  • All occurrences will replace all found matches in the given fields, e.g. 8(985)563-8886.
  • First occurrence only will replace only the first match in order, e.g. 8(985)563-87-76.
  • Last occurrence only will replace the last match in order, e.g. 7(985)563-87-86.

Our example requires the first digit replacement, thus we select the First occurrence only mode.


Step 3

Now we need to set up transferring of replacement result to Google Sheets. Open the Automation builder section and click settings gear:


In the settings window, specify the field where to substitute tool’s result. Click on the field, select Albato list and the Result value from the drop-down list. In our example, Column D is for Phone numbers.

Click Save button and start the automation. Ready! We've receive new leads from VK with digit 8.