How to connect CS-Cart to Albato

CS-Cart: Online business automation
CS Cart
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CS-Cart is an experienced multi-vendor software and marketplace developer with more than 40000 customers in the US and around the world.

Available Triggers:

Triggers are events that trigger an automation. All triggers run in real time; that is, data is transferred the moment the event occurs.

  • New user
  • New order
  • New review/comment
  • New product
  • Unfinished purchase

Available Actions:

Actions are what Albato performs when your automation is running. Actions also allow you to transfer data to other apps and systems.

  • Create a contact
  • Create a product
  • Update the product
  • Create an order
  • Update the order
  • Search for a user by email
  • Order search by ID

Before setting up integrations with CS-Cart connect the app to Albato.

To do this, go to the Apps section and click the Add a connection button.


Select the app and click the Add a connection button.


Come up with a name for your connection.

Enter your Login, API key, Store domain.

Click the Continue button.

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How to get domain

You can copy your domain from the address bar of your store.

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How to get login

Enter the email of the store administrator into the Login field.

How to get API key

Sign in to your CS-Cart account. Click on your account icon and open the Edit profile tab.

CS-Cart (3).png

Go to the API access tab and enable the key.

CS-Cart (4).png

Copy your API key.

CS-Cart (5).png

Go to the Albato connection page and paste the key into the API key field.

CS-Cart (6).png

Click the Continue button.

The connection is ready!

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