Dominate Your Brand's Online Narrative with Automated Brand Mention Tracking

Automated Brand Mention Tracking
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In today's digital landscape, managing your brand's reputation is more crucial than ever. One negative mention can spread like wildfire and tarnish your image. But fear not! We have the perfect solution to help you monitor and manage brand mentions in real time. Welcome to the world of automation, where integrating OpenAI with social networks like Twitter, platforms like GooglePlay and CRM systems revolutionizes your brand reputation game.

Automated brand mention tracking on Twitter

Imagine having your finger on the pulse of every online conversation about your brand, effortlessly tracking brand mentions and reviews. Our automation scans the digital realm, instantly detecting negative brand mentions, triggering real-time alerts, and assigning tasks for immediate action.

So here’s how the whole automation looks like. Let's explore it step-by-step, find out how it works, and see where we can add a customizable scenario for your case.

The automation starts when a user mentions the brand — it's the trigger.

Property 27-4.png

After the text from the tweet is sent to OpenAI, it allocates the sentiment for the tweet: positive, neutral, or negative.

You can see our prompt in the picture. This step can be customized as you want, by adding more conditions to the prompt or changing the OpenAI model.

Property 27-3.png

Afterward, it undergoes a couple of lines of code to the right format. And then you can see the "Router" tool. We set it up with the condition "if the brand mention sentiment allocated by OpenAI is negative," it will create a task with HubSpot.

In the case of other sentiment options, it will go to the "Break" tool, which stops the automation.

Property 27-2.png And you can also add other steps to this scenario if needed, such as:

Automated track reviews on Google Play

You can achieve the same with Google Play.

And in this scenario, it's also possible to automatically generate a reply using AI.

Property 27.png

Here's the prompt we put in OpenAI, so you can continue with it or change it to be more suitable for your case.

Property 27-1.png

With automation by your side, you can efficiently manage and leverage customer feedback, leading to improved product offerings and enhanced customer satisfaction. Don't miss out on the opportunity to strengthen your brand's standing in the digital world.

You have the power to take control of your brand's online reputation right away by implementing these automations. The ones discussed in this article are just a glimpse of what our solution, 9 Best AI Automations has to offer.

To get started, simply follow this link and install the automations!