Round robin tool

Round robin tool
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This tool allows you to loop through the values from a specified list every time you start your automation. Such tools are usually called Round-robin.

How does it work?

Let’s take an example of Facebook Lead Ad and amoCRM integration.

When we receive Facebook Lead Ad, amoCRM creates record and assigns it to one manager. Let’s suppose you want to create an automation and assign Leads to several managers equally. In this case you need to add Round-robin tool to loop through selected managers in receiving Leads.

How to set up?

Open the Automations section, select and add a tool.



Set a name for your tool.

Enter values into the List field.


In case of amoCRM, we need to specify employee IDs list to assign Leads. These IDs are available in the Apps section.


Find CRM system (amoCRM in our example), select your connection and find the Users section.


Here we can find employee IDs. Copy IDs you need, go to the Automation builder section and enter them in the List field.


Correct fields look like this:


Now we use this data setting up the next step. Go to the amoCRM step setup: New Deal.


Find the Responsible user field and select the Other values option.


Find Round robin tool in Albato list and select the Value variable.


Variables of this block transfer the following data:

  • Name — the name of the tool that we previously created;
  • List — the entire list of data that we set up in the tool;
  • Value — a specific value from the list that will be transferred when the automation starts;
  • Position of the value in the list — the ordinal number of the position in the list. If the first value is transferred, then the number 1 will be transferred.

Click the Save button.

Ready! The tool and the automation have been set up. We can start the scenario now.