How to connect Chargebee to Albato

How to connect Chargebee to Albato
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Chargebee is the subscription billing and revenue management platform that lets you solve for your today, and scale for your tomorrow.

Albato lets you connect your Chargebee account with hundreds of the most popular apps - no code required! You can automate your daily tasks and focus on what matters most.

Open the Apps section, click the Add a connection button.


Select the app from the drop-down list or use the search bar. Click the Add a connection button.


Set the name for your connection. It is an optional setting which may help you avoid confusion if you have several accounts in the same app.

Enter your API-key and Domain.

Click the Continue button.


How to get Domain

The easiest way to get your domain is to copy it from the address bar of your browser. For example, on the screenshot we can see that our domain is "albato-test".

Copy your domain and paste it into the Albato Domain field.

unnamed (1).png

How to get API key

Sign in to your Chargebee account. Open the Settings and go to the Configure Chargebee section.

unnamed (5).png

Scroll down the page and find the API Keys and Webhooks section.


Go to the API keys section. Copy the API key and paste it into the Albato API key field. If necessary, you can create a new key.

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How to set up webhooks

When your connection is ready, you will see a webhook created by Albato. Copy this webhook.

unnamed (4).png

Go to your Chargebee account => Settings => Configure Chargebee => API keys and Webhooks. Go to the Webhooks section.

unnamed (3).png

Click on the Add Webhook button.

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Set up your webhook:

  • Enter any name.
  • Paste your Albato webhook URL in the URL field.
  • Click the Create button.

unnamed (7).png

Your connection is ready!