Check out some improvements and new projects by Albato

Albato's improvements: Advances and new projects
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Albato doesn't stop! We are focused on continually evolving and driving a positive experience for everyone.

Check out some developments that are currently in the works!


We have bolstered our support team to meet the needs of all users in a timely manner. We are eager to ensure fast response times and effective problem solving!


We are creating new documentation to make the platform easier to understand. We constantly update our Help Center with content about each feature. We also have a blog with step-by-step instructions on how to connect different apps and automate workflows. The focus will now be on YouTube, where we will publish more and more videos with detailed tutorials!

App Integrator

We are working on creating complete and up-to-date documentation on this feature. We've also started the process of certifying partners so they can provide extra support service with integrations and automations. Soon we will officially have the Albato Academy up and running and an extensive network of top-notch professionals!

App library expansion

We continue working hard on our roadmap to expand our app library. We've integrated over 60 apps in the last few months and made numerous upgrades to increase the number of events available. Upcoming integrations will include Webflow, Intercom, Google Drive, Google Contacts, Google Tasks and dozens of new apps.

New features

We are also making progress on implementing several advanced features, like:

  • a dashboard with transaction statistics;

  • a new JavaScript Code tool that will allow you to fine-tune automation using pieces of self-written code;

  • a new feature called Solutions that will replace our current automation templates, and which users will be able to create themselves.

Last but not least, we are conducting some user surveys to collect feedback and drive continuous improvement on our platform.

So, let's grow together?!