How to get Agile CRM API key and set up Webhooks

Agile CRM: Connection Tips
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Agile CRM Software is the best, easy, powerful yet affordable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with sales and marketing automation for SMBs.

How to connect to Albato

Sign in to your Albato account.

Open the Apps section. Click the Add a connection button.


Select the app from the drop-down list or use the search bar.

Click the Add a connection button.


Set a name for your connection.

Enter your email, API key and Domain.

In the Email field, specify the one that was used when registering with Agile CRM.

You can find the API key and Domain in your Agile CRM account.


How to get API key and Domain

Sign into your Agile CRM account.

Step 1. You can find your Domain in the address bar of your account (see screenshot below). The domain is in the upper left corner. Copy the value. Go back to your Albato account and paste it into the Domain field.

Next, go back to your Agile CRM account and click on your account icon.


Step 2. Go to the Admin Settings section.


Step 3. Open the Developers & API section (on the left).


Step 4. API keys are displayed here. You need the one in the REST API field. Copy the key.


Step 5. Go back to your Albato account and paste the key into the API key field. Click the Continue button.

The connection has been created. Now it’s time to set up webhooks.

How to set up webhooks

First, you need to copy the webhook URL from your Albato account. Go to the Apps section. Open your Agile CRM connection and copy the webhook.


Go to your Agile CRM account.

Open the Developers & API section and go to the Webhooks tab.

In the Notify URL field, paste the webhook URL copied from Albato. Check the Contact and Deal checkboxes. Click the Submit button.


The connection is ready!

Integration options


  • Create Deal (beta)
  • Update Deal (beta)
  • Create Contact (beta)
  • Update Contact (beta)


  • Create Contact
  • Create Company
  • Create Deal
  • Create Ticket
  • Create Task
  • Create Event
  • Add a Note to the Contact
  • Add Tag to Contact
  • Add Score to Contact
  • Add Contact to Campaign

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