Connecting Rocket.Chat to Albato

Connecting Rocket.Chat to Albato
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Rocket.Chat is the world's largest open source communications platform.

To connect your Rocket.Chat account to Albato you will need: Workspace domain, UserID and Token. You can copy the domain of your workspace from the address bar (if you are in the Rocket.Chat service) or just remember it when creating your workspace.


Go to your Rocket.Chat account to get your UserID and Token. Click on the Profile icon on the upper left corner of the screen, then open the My Account section.


Open the Personal Access Tokens section and a field will be displayed. You can enter any name to generate a token. Then click the Add button.


You will need to enter your Rocket.Chat account password.


After entering the password, a pop-up window with UserID and Token will be displayed. Copy their values to connect the service to Albato.


Now open your Albato account and find the Apps tab. Click the Add a connection button.


Set the name for your connection and paste your data into the fields (Domain, UserID, Token).


The connection has been created successfully! Now you can send/receive data from your Rocket.Chat account to/from Albato!