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Got It!

Webhook catcher

Albato has a new very convenient tool — a web hook catcher. You can find it in the settings of some bundles and connections.

Using the service leadteh.ru as an example let's create a "webhooks" connection and "catch" all the parameters that LeadTeh can pass to us after the bot script runs.

To do this, go to the Connections tab - Webhooks
Click "Add connection" and name the connection, click on "Save"
Go to edit the created connection
Copy the generated webhook
We register it in LeadTeh, go to edit the created bot, after the step you need, and add the action "HTTP request"
In the "HTTP request" field, paste the webhook copied from the connection and select the POST method
Now you can launch webhook catcher in Albato
While Albato is waiting for a request, you see this window
Now you can send a test request from Leadtek to our webhook, publish the bot, and go through all the steps in it, thus initiating data transfer to the webhook.

After the web hook is "caught", you will see the following message
The connection itself should now look like this
Save the connection.


We made our own integration with a service that is not yet in the list of Albato connections. To do this, we needed to connect Webhooks and webhook handlers.