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Send emails from Gmail of new Facebook Lead Ad leads

You will be able to send emails to any mailbox, including yourself. You can set up bundles with almost any system in Albato that has a trigger. When configuring bundles, you choose a system, how to collect data and the event at which to send an email, then we will be able to text letters expose the necessary parameters from the service that sends the data. In this guide, we'll look at an example of creating a Facebook-Gmail link.

If the message is not sent to yourself, try to make the message text more unique by using more dynamic parameters, so that the message is not recognized as spam. Albato is not responsible if the email server recognizes the message as "spam". Also, we do not recommend using this step to send emails to leads after filling out the lead forms, if you do not have a paid corporate mailbox. For mass mailings, please use special delivery services. you can also connect them to Albato and link them to the systems you need.

Before setting up a bundle, connect the services to Albato:

Step 1. The choice of systems. Click on "New bundle":
    Select the service you need in the "Fetch data from" field, such as Facebook. In the "Send data to" field — enter the Gmail service. Click on "Next":
    Step 2. Choosing events. For Facebook, select the "Ad Lead" event, for Gmail, select the "Send email" action and click "Next":
    Step 3. Choosing the connection. Select your Facebook connection, the page where the lead form is located, the lead form itself, and click "Save". If Albato doesn't see the page and / or lead form you need, click on "Refresh data":
    Choose your Google connection:
    Step 4. Setting up the transfer field. In the "Email address" field, enter your gmail email address that you connected to Albato (when connecting your Google account):
    In the "Use HTML" field, select from the list whether to use HTML tags in the message body or not. If you select "Yes", you will be able to create a full HTML document in the message body. otherwise, select "No":
    Settings up other fields:

    • From - the sender's name, you can specify here the text that the recipient of the message will see in the field from whom the message came
    • To - specify the full email address where you want to send the message, you can specify the same address as in the "Email address" field. If you need to send a message to several addresses, write them in separated by commas and spaces, for example: "mail@mail.com, mail2@mail.com"
    • Subject - Specify the subject of the message
    • Copy to - Specify the addresses where you want to send the copy. The setting is similar to the "To" field
    • Blind copy to - Specify the addresses where you want to send the hidden copy. The setting is similar to the "To" field
    • Body - Form the body of the message that should be sent, using or not using HTML tags, if necessary.

    In the fields, you can also set parameters from the system that sends data by selecting the desired parameter from the drop-down list on the right:
    After filling in the required fields, click the "Next" button at the bottom.

    Done! The bundle is created, don't forget to run it: