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Create conversion events in RD Station for new leads from Facebook Lead Ads

Let's look at creating a "Facebook-RD Station" bundle. After running it, when filling out the lead form, the new lead will be passed to RD Station, creating a new conversion event in RD Station. You can also set up a similar link with other services, the configuration will be similar.

Before creating bundles, connect the services to Albato:

Step 1. Choosing the system. Click on "New bundle"
    Select the service you need in the "Fetch data from" field, ie Facebook. In the "Send data to" field — RD Station service. Click on "Next":
    Step 2. Choosing events. For Facebook, select the "Ad Lead" event, for RD Station, select the "Create conversion event" action and click on "Next":
    Step 3. Choosing connections. Select your Facebook connection, the page where the lead form is located, the lead form itself, and click "Save". If Albato doesn't see the page and / or lead form you need, click the "Refresh data" button:
    Choose your RD Station connection:
    Step 4. Setting up field transmission. Select which field to pass the parameter from Facebook to. For example, in the "Name" field, pass the "Full name" parameter from Facebook by selecting this value from the drop-down list on the right:
    You can fill in the "Conversion event name" field by hand, if the event name is always static, or, for example, put the "Campaign name" parameter there, so that the event name corresponds to the name of the advertising company:
    Examples of filled in fields:
    The Email field is required, it is by email that the check will be performed for the presence of a contact with the same email. Automatically, either a new contact will be created and a conversion event will be added to it, or an event will be added to the current account.

    After filling in the required fields, click the "Next" button at the bottom of the page.

    Such a link works for one specific form, you will need to create each link for each Facebook lead form, or use the trigger on webhooks, in this case, you can create one link per page. You can read more about setting up this trigger here.

    Done! The bundle is created, don't forget to run it:
    Now, after filling out the lead form, all leads will be transferred to RD Station automatically.