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Connecting Google Sheets to Albato

In order to connect Google Sheets to Albato you will need an active Google account.

Open the main screen of Albato and on the top menu "Connections" select "Google":
Click on "Add credentials" :
Enter the name of the connection to create and click "Save":
Click on the link "Grant access to Albato" :
A Google page opens, select the account to connect to:
The next screen tells you what accesses the Albato application requests, click "Allow":
After granting access, Google will redirect you back to the Albato dashboard to the connection settings screen, where the connection status will be changed to "Access granted" (connection completed successfully):
In the tab "table Files", after clicking on "Update data", you will see all Google Sheets (tables) that are located on the disk with a list of nested sheets:
Now you can send data to Google Sheets — upload it in a convenient format, create it graphically, analyze it, use formulas, and much more. In real time. Thanks To Albato.